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Bcfg2 Now in the Gentoo Tree

Bcfg2 has finally hit the official Gentoo tree. For those who don’t know, it’s a configuration management system akin to Puppet or CFEngine. However, I think Bcfg2 has many advantages over these, the biggest of which being an active development and user community and great support on #bcfg2 on Personally I also find the configuration definitions to be far more understandable that either of the other two programs. It’s written in Python, and has a nicely architected plugin infrastructure.

The package management plugin for Gentoo is still a little weak compared to the Yum or Deb plugins, but it works great otherwise. I encourage Gentoo users who manage any number of systems to install it and give it a try. Let’s find and squash some bugs and improve this great program. Emerge app-admin/bcfg2 to get started.

If you’re on an RPM of Debian-based distro, I also encourage you to give this program a try, it’s quite powerful and very fully featured.