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Leopard AFP: Not Production Ready

The other day we downgraded our Leopard file server back to Tiger. Luckily we had a spare XServe available for this purpose. For a detailed description of the problem, see my previous post. I can offer this additional information:

  • The problem is triggered by attempted authentications. We set up a script to monitor the AFP server every 20 minutes to check if it was down. Often times we could see the DirectoryService crash log timestamp corresponding nearly exactly with the time that our script attempted its test.

  • Sending a HUP signal, or toggling an AFP option like EnableGuestAccess (which does the same thing, I think), allows people to authenticate AFP connections again. At least until the next time it crashes.

  • Eventually the server comes down hard. We managed to keep it up with our monitoring tool and the HUP periodically, but at some point it seems to give up and die completely. This requires a complete restart of AFP, and a loss of all client connections. It really sucks for home directories, and can corrupt files as well (myself and several other users seem to have lost some preference files which were in use at the time).

Since we’re doing testing on a new laptop image, and causing lots of AFP connections, we were getting more than 1 AFP/DirectoryService crash per hour. Unacceptable. There is definitely something wrong with the link between the two.

In the end, we were forced to call a network downtime for the end of the day and rebuilt our XServe with a Tiger image. Today was our first day running that setup, and it was solid as a rock. No slowness, no crashing.

In short, Leopard Server is not ready, at least not for serving AFP. Keep waiting.