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Forcing a Zone Retransfer in Bind on OS X Leopard Server

Recently we started migrating to OS X 10.5. Of course the process is fraught with many challenges, and lots of things are done differently.

For example, now views are used by default in DNS. This makes some things a bit more convoluted, but it may make other things easier in the future.

If you’ve ever administered a bind install, you may know about the rndc tool. It can perform all sorts of things without having to restart BIND (downtime is bad, mmkay?). However, the syntax is not always clear. For example, when using views, how do you retransfer a zone?

It goes something like this:

~# rndc retransfer zone IN myView

If you’re using Leopard server, you probably have the default view name, so this becomes:

~# rndc retransfer zone IN

Speaking of Server Admin, it was clearly a very rushed application. The DNS portion is particularly horrific… you can’t even enable transfers for a reverse zone!