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Eli Gibson for SFU Senate

Although this is my last semester at SFU and the happenings there will no longer affect me much (apart from the possible role of its reputation in some of my credibility) I thought I would lend a hand to a friend of mine in his bid to run for the Senate at my university.

During my years here (I can never really figure out exactly how many it’s been, with hte numerous co-ops and other temporary departures) I’ve often come across numerous issues that often struck me as being inefficient, silly, or flat out stupid. However, for whatever reason, I never really had the time, inclination, or willpower to get up and do anything about most of them.

As luck would have it, now that I am departing, a friend of mine who is staying here for grad school has set out to lend a voice of reason to some of the madness. This friend is Eli Gibson. I’ve known Eli for a number of years and have worked with him on a number of projects. He’s a thoughtful, intelligent, and motivated individual who I know posseses the ability to make a difference in the school’s political climate. This is why I support Eli Gibson for senate at SFU. Don’t just take my word for it, you can read some of the posts on his blog and be convinced of this yourself.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled web surfing…