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Photos From Alaska

As some of you may know, I took a cruise to Alaska with Belinda and her parents in late August/ Early September. Because I’ve had about 5 billion other things to do between then and now, I haven’t had a chance to post all the images online. I promised that I’d get at least some of them up this weekend, so I’ve posted those taken by my (now deceased) Canon A75 P&S compact.

We packed the camera up in a watertight bag designed for digital cameras and took it snorkeling with us in Ketchikan, and then also attempted to use it during our rafting trip in Juneau later where it stopped functioning. It had been acting a little strangely for several months so I guess I should be thankful it survived long enough to grab the snorkeling shots.

Any, the first of the photos are available in the usual place. Once I get around to processing and filtering the RAWs from my 20D (there were a lot of art shots that aren’t really vacation viewing material).

Anyway, once again, have a look.