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Access to Downloads

For some reason I can’t get WPA2 to work from my laptop’s Cisco Aironet card with my new Linksys router. I figure this must be because I don’t have the Cisco software installed and am just attempting to use whatever it is that comes with Windows. So, I head on over to the Cisco site in an attempt to download their software. This is where I run in to the first problem: you have to register in order to download their drivers. Can you feel the annoyance meter rising already?

So I go through their 4 page registration form, which is plastered in all sorts of legalese garbledygook (yes, that’s a word!), filling in the inordinate amounts of personal information. After the tedious process was over, I proceeded to log in again and locate the download area. After finding my download again and paging through a good few pages of legalese, confirming I’m not a defense contractor, and accepting the terms, I finally clicked the download link.

What do I get?

Well, apparently my profile wasn’t good enough… I’ve gone and tweaked my profile a few times since then, all the fields are filled, but I still cannot get past this screen. I guess I’m not getting my driver. Talk about frustrating.

Why is all this effort needed just to get this software?! Cisco’s download site is the most complex and bureaucracy laden I’ve ever encountered. If they’re going to make life this hard for me, I’d be hard pressed to purchase or recommend their products to someone else.

Funny that Linksys on the other hand, which is owned by Cisco, has a completely painless and straightforward process to locate and download drivers.