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Not as Far as It Seems.

So this past week, I decided to “upgrade” my bike, a 1998 Kona Cinder Cone. I’ll give more details about my sweet ride in a future post, including photos and full specs, since I am quite proud of the work I’ve done on that machine. There’s few original parts remaining, save for the gorgeous chromoly frame. Essentially, it’s now a full on commuter cruiser with a rear rack, road tires, rigid fork, paniers and everything.

I’ve ridden it just a couple of times, and today I decided to ride back from work at Production Way in Burnaby to my home near 41st and Victoria in Vancouver. It was a great ride overall, although the part on the Boundary Road hill was scary as hell, and I’ll definitely be using an alternate route in the future. It took me around 55 minutes from the PMC building to get home, whereas bus and SkyTrain usually take an average of 45 minutes. Not bad at all.

My ultimate goal is to ride my bike from home up to SFU at least a few times a week next semester. We’ll see how that works out, since it’s at least 20-30 minutes up that hill. More info to follow soon.