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On Blogging

Sometimes people ask me why I blog, what’s the point of writing random things on the internet?

I don’t really think I’m part of the “blogosphere” as some like to call it–I don’t participate in the blogger community or anything of the sort. The links you see on my blog to the right are my only other blogging friends, and I have a few tech blogs I tend read daily to keep up on things and learn. Apart from that, I don’t really participate using any trackbacks or blogging other people’s blogs, etc.

I know the readership of this blog is quite low, probably partially due to the fact that I tend to blog sporadically instead of regularly–though most likely because I tend to write things of a more personal nature. And really, who but a few of my friends wants to read about me? Well, maybe a few people out there, and perhaps some potential stalkers.

So why do I write blogs? Well, I feel it’s just another creative outlet for me. I have my photography, and my music, and of course programming, among a few other things. Blogging is yet another one of those.

I recall that back in high school, I really enjoyed writing. My English teacher strongly encouraged me to consider a major in English once I entered university, but I knew that my calling was Engineering instead. After entering University, my writing fell somewhat to the wayside. Apart from technical papers and some other assignments, I rarely had the chance to write anything more editorial. I suppose that this blog is in many ways my attempt to revive that.

It’s quite a good learning experience, being able to write thoughts here. I find that often times I have difficulty expressing my thoughts in words, particularly when written, and I think this is good practice. My blog is not heavily edited at the moment, I tend to just write whatever I am thinking and try to loosely arrange it as best as I can. However, even looking back on the relatively brief period that I have been writing here, I can see my writing improving. I don’t think I’m anywhere near the level I’d like to be right now, but it’s something to work on.

I’ve long hoped to establish a more regular writing schedule, and I’m actively working towards that now. Barring any major busyness (hah! as if that ever happens!), I should have posts here on a nearly daily basis. I hope that everyone who reads this now continues to read it, and perhaps if you see something interesting, you pass it along to your friends so they can read too.

Thanks for looking, hope to see you again…