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Latest Happenings

Well, it’s been quite a busy time in Kamilland lately so I haven’t had much time to update this blog (that always seems to happen, doesn’t it?). I thought I’d write a brief update now.

Ever since coming back from Japan things have been pretty hectic just getting settled down again, especially since the parents went on their 5 week vacation to Europe for their 25th anniversary. I was left as the caretaker of the house, and upholder of all that is good and clean.

Now that they’re back, I’ve moved back out to Vancouver from Pitt Meadows and am again much closer to everything. One thing this lets me do is become a lot less reliant on my car, since I have a U-Pass and bus service here is far more frequent and convenient.

As far as my activities, I’ve been working on my 6 courses this semester. However, far more excitingly, I’ve taken up a position as a research assistant at the SFU Medical Image Analysis Lab. The project I’m working on currently is related to early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, a topic that those of you who know me well will know has some significance to me. I’m still ramping up on the project so for now I’ve been primarily studying some papers related to AD and brain related computational anatomy.

My hope is that after I complete my undergraduate degree in December I can continue as a grad student at MIAL. I’m really excited to be working in this lab and there are some really great and extremely intelligent people there. It is a bit intimidating at times, and I’m sure the learning curve for many things is going to be steep, so I just hope that I am cut out for it. The work is really interesting, and something I really believe in, so I’m going to give it my best…

Anyway, that’s all for now. Now that I’m settled, and am working on some interesting things, expect some more insightful posts in the future.