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Be Yourself, Question Authority

Lately I’ve been looking for part-time employment, and slowly preparing myself for graduation and moving towards the “real” world. I found myself getting depressed at all the mindless corporate slave jobs available out there. Having looked at several dozen job postings, it seems that everyone is out to try to slip you in as just another tiny cog in their big stock price inflating machine, another expendable worker in the anthill. It’s hard to imagine spending my life, day in and day out expending my effort just for the benefit of some shareholders, knowing that in reality, few people have any actual appreciate or respect for my individual contribution. There’s got to be a better way, I just have to find it…

Many of you may know I’m a big fan of the web comic xkcd. The comics are often amusing, intelligent, ridiculous, or thought provoking. I thought this issue I came across is particularly pertinent (click on the image for a full-resolution and more readable version):

PS: Nobody has recommended a new blog title for me yet, and I haven’t really thought of one. So “Stranger in a strange land” it is, unless I get a better suggestion.