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The Noise Upstairs

Lately I’ve been bothered by a noise upstairs. In the evenings and sometimes during the day I’ll hear a loud thumping, as if something heavy is being dropped on the floor repeatedly, or is falling. Alright, you say, it’s just your neighbor having some fun right? Well, that would have been my guess too if it were not for the fact that my neighbor moved out 3 weeks ago. I remember the movers even waking me up at 7 in the morning with their running up and down the stairs of the apartment, as well as delivering me their flyer.

Today the sound went on for longer than usual, and it was definitely something hitting the floor repeatedly, hard. I went outside to have a look, but of course the apartment was completely dark. There’s nothing in the windows, no curtains or anything. As far as I can tell the apartment is empty.

So what’s going on there? I don’t know… but it’s starting to bother me.