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What the #$*! Are They Talking About!?

If you’re looking for a film to watch, say on a boring rainy Saturday afternoon, I recommend staying away from What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?

One of my friends recommended it to me the other day as a documentary that supposedly deals with quantum physics and our consciousness, issues of existence, etc. So I figured I’d check it out. Apart from the sometimes amusing mini-film about the depressed deaf photographer girl that is intertwined with the talking head footage the film was total garbage. Very little if any scientific fact was presented, and most of the “experts” that were interviewed in the film were a bunch of pseudoscientist crackpots. I believe only one or two of the people interviewed in the film were real actual scientists, and one of them even told Popular Science that his views were misrepresented by the filmmakers! To make matters worse, the speakers are not introduced until the ending credits so you don’t really know who’s credible. Not that it matters, since it turns out most of them are full of it anyway…

Most of the film doesn’t make much sense and the conclusions they draw from some of the “facts” presented seem totally without basis. I usually like documentary films, even ones with a viewpoint I don’t necessarily agree with, but this one was just really poorly made.