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State of the, Me!

Alright, well, I haven’t got around to blogging about my final week of vacation yet but I’ll stick that on hold till around this weekend. I’d prefer to gte back to my sporadic and frequently updated blogging :) So here, following in the tradition of everyone’s favorite world leader, is my latest state updates…

Well, my vacation drained most of my cash reserves and so I’m mostly just laying low for the time being. Haven’t really done much of late due to lack of funds, but payday is not far away now! Melody and Victor came to Hamamatsu a couple of weekends ago and we had some delicious food at my favorite tempura restaurant and the Snowee Cafe. We also visited the Hamamatsu Fruit Park, you can see some photos here.

Well, it seems I’ve finished my algorithm at work. It’s not quite as automatic as I would have liked it to be, but I highly suspect that it’s pretty much impossible to make it so and thus I had to make some compromises. Of course, after I concluded I was finished, my supervisor tells me “Great, now you just have to integrate it in to our product…. in VC6”. Yes, that’s right, the hell of hells, Visual C++ 6! Well, I’ve been spending the last 2 weeks just trying to get this code to work on this horrendously broken compiler monstrosity Microsoft released 8 years ago and my company still insists on using. An exercise in sadomasochism.

Some people have been asking me about Mumblefritz. Yes, we haven’t released an issue in some time. Well, we have on in the works, just we’ve both been busy with various things. Right now Dimitri is working on revamping the site design and moving it to blogger since the engine we were using (the Rails based Typo) pretty much sucks the big one and crashes all the time. No fun for anyone. Hopefully soon, I promise!

Well, Dimitri and I have started working on a new software project in PHP (ssshhhh, secret!). Since I was already coding a bunch of PHP like crazy, I decided to redo my pretty much blank and outdated website. Now it’s still blank, but not nearly as outdated, and I did get to learn a few PHP functions while doing it. Check it out.

New Project
Oh ya, it’s a secret, nevermind ;) shhh..

Well, that’s all for now. See you soon.