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Latest Happenings...

Well, I’ve been busy and away the last few days, so time to catch up a little.

Since Thursday was a holiday, my company decided to have their year end party (which wasn’t really, but some kind of year-end wrapup) on Wednesday night. We went to a super expensive crab restaurant that served an amazingly delicious meal, as well as being all-you-can-drink. There was an awards presentation during the dinner, and some speeches from all the company executives. Afterwards everyone headed to a bar and we had a good evening chatting there over some beers and liquor teas. Unlike the previous week there was no 3rd party that night since pretty much everything started to close down as it was a Wednesday. I waited with my coworker for his girlfriend to pick him up and then walked home.

Friday I had my heater finally fixed. Of course, when the repair guy came it was working perfectly fine, as is alway the case with these things. I managed to somehow explain the symptoms I was seeing earlier in the week and he seemed to understand, as he replaced some parts in the AC unit outside and now everything is back in working order. Of course, now that my heater is fixed the temperature has jumped back up to around 20 degrees! Damn random weather.

Anyone reading the PlanetCJP Blogs knows about Kansai Invasion already, so I won’t go in to too much detail about that. It was really great to see all the other CJP’s who made, thanks to everyone for the good time. I’ve posted all the photos I took here (no sorting or ordering of any kind done, so you might have to pick out the good ones yourself).

Kyoto is really gorgeous, albeit busy, this time of year and I was really glad to get the opportunity to go there. I got some nice monkey and landscape photos I’m pretty happy with and should make some really nice prints. I will be glad to visit the city again in the winter and hopefully some more times in the future, I still feel like I have much to see there.

This week promises to be a busy one at work, thus far I’ve stayed till 8 pm on both days and it shows no sign of letting up yet. I managed to find what appears to be a bug in one of our framework libraries so now I have to see if I can convince them to fix it. With my fix, it seems my algorithm is almost working, just a few logic problems to solve and it should be there… but then, it always seems that way. The never ending struggle continues.

That’s it for now, I will try to write some more later this week, but it doesn’t look like much of interest is going to be happening.