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What a Weekend...

Well, it was quite the eventful weekend.

On Friday after work there was the welcoming party for the new employees, starting around 7. It ended up becoming a triple-header, with a second party immediately after the first one, and then my supervisor and I going to meet up with some other employees for some further partying and karaoke. I didn’t return home till some time around 5 in the morning, if I remember correctly. Not many details (which are slightly hazy at times..) but essentially lots of eating, drinking, talking and singing.

On Saturday morning I quickly got to work cleaning my apartment as Boon and Byron were due to come by later in the day. I think I did a pretty good job of it and got around to doing a lot of cleaning I’ve been putting off for quite some time. It felt really good to get everything nice and clean. I discovered my washing machine really sucks when used as a drier, even after 3 cycles my bedsheets weren’t nearly dry and I would have to do without them later in the night… maybe next time I’ll try the coin laundry for that.

Anyhow, some time mid-afternoon Boon and Byron finally arrived, my first time seeing them here in Japan (and first time meeting Boon, despite countless MSN conversations). Since I’m lazy and don’t want to recount all of the events of the weekend once more, I’ll just refer you to Boon’s Blog regarding the topic. I think he pretty much sums up everything I wanted to say. (For the record, our impromptu blues group was named the “Hung(over) Bandits”). He did miss the detail as to how we almost got booted from McDonalds because I was playing guitar in the eating area and had a big bottle of green tea, which apparently is very だめ, although Denny’s seemed to tolerate 3 drunk foreigners with beer the night before…

Anyhow, a good time was had by all and my fingers were really worn down from playing guitar for hours on end each day. I’d like to thank the both of them for coming out to lonely Hamamatsu and for helping to kick out the jams… looking forward to taking the music to the streets of Kansai next weekend.

Oh yeah, one more thing… regarding the “kogarus” we encountered playing tag on Saturday night… on the way back to the office yesterday I saw one of them on the moving walkway at Act City! Except that she was dressed in a schoolgirl uniform and didn’t have any of the crazy makeup, but she had a very distinctive face so I still recognized her despite her completely different attire… strange.