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Yesterday after taking one of my friends to the train station after dinner, she got an email from one of her other friends.

“NHK says there’s a tsunami heading this way”

Well, that was certainly a bit of a surprise. So I headed home and turned on the TV to NHK. Sure enough, there was a tsunami warning. There was a fairly largish earthquake a few hundred km off the north pacific coast of Japan. They anticipated a 2 m high tsunami in Hokkaido, and 0.5 m to hit here in Hamamatsu. Well, 0.5 m waves are never going to reach my apartment a few kilometers in from the coast unless they’re really persistent 0.5 m waves. I watched the live video feed for a while, and in the end I think I saw some boats bob up and down more than usual when the wave hit the harbor in the video.

It was pretty much a non-event, pretty しょぼい。