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So You Hate Your Job / Internship?

Just be glad you’re not this guy.

“At first, even when I made mistakes all they did was scream out at me. But, by about autumn, whenever there were no customers around, they’d all hit me and kick me.”

the co-workers purportedly began using him for air rifle target practice.”They told me to stand up and they repeatedly fired into me at close range. When I rolled up my sleeves, my arms were covered in red sores and I was bleeding,” the man says. “They used to use me to put out their smokes.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve been getting my Japan news from ”Mainichi”, an English language Japanese news site. It’s been good to start keeping up with recent happenings (which seems to be mostly a rash of high school student suicides and suicide threats) so that I can talk to my coworkers about the news when they ask if I’ve heard about it.

Speaking of work, my current algorithm work in progress appears to be nearing completion (knock on wood here). A few minor geometry problems to solve…