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More Useless Stuff...

Wow, the day is just full of things that are useless. Earlier today Dimitri told me a little about SFU new’s “Co-op Additive Credit” initiative and how it’s useless. Well, I didn’t have all the facts so I didn’t quite pass judgment on it (ok, I lie, I made fun of it right then and there) but I read the email and FAQ when I got home.

It’s unbelievable how much useless crap the administration at our university is capable of coming up with. I’m sure there was probably some committee formed that worked for months to put this through.

Basically, all additive credit does is give you 3 credits for each of your co-op work terms, starting in January 2007. The thing is, you can’t use them towards your graduation credits. Also they have no effect on your GPA. They also have no effect on your academic standing, status as a full time student, or ANYTHING.

The FAQ even has a table right HERE that makes it pretty clearly obvious that these credits have no effect on anything at all whatsoever. The total uselessness of this is astounding. I’m sure glad I pay my $600 or so in co-op fees every semester to give these people a job.