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Bus Drivers: Universal Assholes

I think if you ask just about anyone, they’ve had a bad experience with a bus driver in Canada or elsewhere at some point, or at least witnessed one. There must be something in the job description for driving a public transit bus that requires you to be a complete jerk. Well here in Japan everyone is nice and polite all the time, right? WRONG! Not bus drivers. They’re jerks too.

Now, if you’re not familiar with buses in Japan, essentially you’re supposed to put exact change with your ticket in to the machine. If you don’t have exact change, there’s another machine next to it that dispenses change and then you put it in the ticket machine. Why the ticket machine doesn’t just dispense change itself will always be a mystery to me. Where am I going with this? Well, let’s lead on…

Going way back to the Mt. Fuji trip, on the way back to Gotemba we took a bus. At the end of the line, I was one of the last people getting off. I stuck my bills in to the change machine and got my change, and proceeded to count out the right amount. It was taking me some time, I hadn’t slept in 2 days and was dead tired from hiking. Well, what happened? The impatient bus driver grabbed me by the hand, took the money, counted out the right amount for me, and then shoved the rest back in my hand. No 「ありがとうございました」there. Thanks very much a-hole.

Well today, after walkin around the city for about 5 hours taking photos, I headed back to the station on the bus. When getting off, I misread the billboard that stated how much I had to pay, and read the number next to mine which said 200円 instead of the 180円 that I owed. So I stuck my ticket and 200円 in to the ticket machine. It just flashed at me. The bus driver looked like his head was about to explode, he pointed at the change machine and said 「ここでチェンジね~」 in an extremely stern condescending tone. Yeah, yeah, I know! I misread the sigh. 「ああ、すみません」 I said. The bus driver didn’t say anything. He just pulled out a change purse and dug out 20円 for me. 「ありがとうございました!」 I said. He just continued to look pissed off and watched me get off the bus. Thanks you for riding Entetsu…

If that’s not enough evidence that they’re jerks, well.. Today I was reading some articles online about discrimination against Brazillians in Japan. There were some cases shown, one of which was a report about a Brazillian who took a bus here in Hamamatsu. When he boarded the bus, the bus driver announced on the intercom 「みんなさん、鞄に気を付けてください。外国人が乗っています。」(For those of you who don’t know Japanese or are too lazy to translate: “Everyone please watch your bags. A foreigner has boarded the bus”). Yeah, assholes all around.

On a happy note, here’s a photo I took today :)