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The Size Is WHAT?!

So this weekend I headed off to Aeon with a friend of mine. For those not familar, Aeons are pretty much just giant shopping centers. My goal was to buy a long sleeve shirt or two suitable for the colder seasons, maybe something sporty. I mentioned in some earlier posts (on the old blog…) that I’ve been having some trouble finding clothes here that fit me. Well, this weekend I found out why. I found some decent Adidas shirts of size LL (or called O sometimes, which presumably stands for 大き) which is the largest size available at the sports shop. Upon inspecting the tag I realized the problem… Japan size LL is equivalent to North America size M! Seeing as I usually wear L or XL in Canada, it doesn’t really work out for me. Well, needless to say I couldn’t buy anything at that shop and have pretty much given up on clothes hunting for now… not worth the effort.